About Immanuel Lutheran Church

IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH had its beginnings in a private home on the corner of Bailey and El Camino in Mountain View in 1952. Three dedicated families formed the nucleus and in June 1953 the Rev. Peter Schroeder, Jr. was called by the Board of Missions to serve the new congregation. On April 11, 1954 Immanuel Lutheran Church was formally organized with 121 charter members, 70 adults and 51 children.

It is the people of faith at Immanuel who continue to bear witness to God's abundant grace and Christ's sacrificial love, through all the past years and into the present and beyond.

We understand our MISSION is to be active agents of God's redemptive and compassionate love, doing His Work with gratitude and joy to bring healing to those within and without our community. We believe that we are "EMPOWERED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT" by which "WE SHARE THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF CHRIST THROUGH SERVING OUR COMMUNITY."

We are a "small but beautiful" congregation, with a membership between 150-200. Our members consider Immanuel their extended family and find the kind of spiritual, emotional and hands-on support that our small size encourages.

Many members are actively involved in our various ministries: WORSHIP is at the heart of our congregational life and we are blessed with two distinct, but equally inspirational Services on Sunday mornings: A 9 AM Worship Service with Contemporary Music and an 11 AM Worship Service with Traditional Music.

SUNDAY SCHOOL starts with the children in the 9 AM Service and runs concurrently.

ADULT CHRISTIAN EDUCATION follows the 9 AM Service and is intertwined with the joint GATHERING HOUR between Services...this permits members to discuss theological and current topics over a cup of indispensable "Lutheran coffee"!

SOCIAL MINISTRY activities involve many members in reaching out to those in need in our surrounding communities. We support the efforts of our local COMMUNITY SERVICES AGENCY OF MOUNTAIN VIEW, LOS ALTOS AND LOS ALTOS HILLS, to provide "a safety-net for low-income, elderly and homeless" members of these communities. While reaching beyond the needs of our church is a critical part of our ministry, supporting those in our own community of faith when they face illness, bereavement other challenges is equally important and our COMPASSION CORE stands ready to provide prayerful hands-on help when needed.

FELLOWSHIP events, like the annual OKTOBERFEST, bring many members and friends together for good food, fun and lively music, singing and dancing.

You can read in more detail about the various ministries of our congregation in other parts of this Website. If you wish to be a part of a vibrant community of faith, where there are no strangers...but only "brothers and sisters in Christ," where members are actively engaged in shaping and carrying out ministry, and where "WE BELIEVE THERE IS NO PERSON OR CREATED THING OUTSIDE THE ACTIVE LOVE AND GRACE OF GOD SHOWN TO US SO CLEARLY IN JESUS CHRIST," you will be welcomed with open arms and hearts.


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